Learning Foreign Languages Is An Ongoing Process

Now don’t go thinking you’re done with learning the language. You’re never done learning. This is only the beginning.

In fact, after reading this book you’ll want to constantly improve your language skills. While it’s important to build confidence and trust in your own ability, you should never be fully satisfied with your language skills. Your friends might be easily impressed, but you should always set your own personal goals.

You might have started out to woo that cute exchange student, but by now you should have developed a personal interest in the language to want to pursue it further.

With the skills that you’ve now acquired, you’re better equipped not just to pick up any number of new languages, not just to improve your memory, but to motivate yourself to pursue any goal and sustain your motivation until you achieve what you want.

Consider the following:

  • Immersion – Consider living in the country for a short period of time or even just moving in with a family who speaks your target language. Of course you can do this immersion exercise at any point of your language learning process. But only consider immersion once you can speak the language considerably well, it’ll be a lot less stressful and a whole lot more of a blast.
  • Don’t forget the techniques – Just because you’ve attained a certain level of proficiency doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels just yet. The techniques in this book aren’t meant to be used once and then discarded. For example, keep recording your voice especially when you are conversing with other people and work on correcting and improving yourself
  • Keep exposing yourself to the language, even if you’ve moved on to studying another language. Read anything you can get your hands on, watch movies, videos, speeches or news broadcasts in the language. It will keep the language alive in your head.

Learning language is an ongoing process, and there is really no specific benchmark or numeric figure to measure if you have become a speaker of a language.

So keep learning, and keep improving.¬†When you’ve become fluent, you will know.