What You Must Know Before Learning Foreign Languages

When people first find out about the ease at which I can pick up new languages, they usually start hounding me for “revolutionary” learning techniques that will turn them into language experts… overnight.

Their questions are often along the lines of…

“What’s the best way to memorize the conjugation and declension rules?”

“How do I find out what words the native use but isn’t in my text book?” 

“Should I learn from a foreigner or a language instructor in my own country?”

In a nutshell…

“How do I learn a language quickly and effortlessly?”

As much as I would love to conjure such a trick from my sleeves and make life much easier, the cold hard truth is, there is no such magic.

Don’t you think it’s much more important to aim right before you shoot?

Start off on the right track, otherwise working harder will only get you further from your destination.

I forgot to mention… The majority of those people asking me about my secrets in learning languages quit after an average period of 3 weeks.

Do you wonder why?

Your first lesson on learning a new language has nothing to do with words or spelling or pronunciation. It is about how to get the correct, positive frame of mind.

Mentality is by far more important than techniques and choosing the right direction by far more important than working hard.

This section alone, will save you thousands of hours of learning languages, so read on carefully.