This guide is for anyone who wants to learn a new language or master several foreign languages in the shortest time possible.

If you’re facing specific language obstacles such as memorizing new vocabularies, pronouncing foreign words correctly, forming language learning strategies and communicating with native speakers, you’ll also find this guide indispensable.

It is packed to the brim with years of tried-and-true techniques, presented to you in a simple, easy to read manual, without unnecessary fluff. It is written with an important goal in mind, namely to help self-learners master any number of languages in a non-native environment.

And this guide is not only about learning languages. It offers you a comprehensive collection of techniques to enhance your motivation in many other areas and to aid in your other learning endeavors.

Also, you’ll find that this guide allows for application in the real world as opposed to mere theoretical knowledge. Some of the exercises involve intense mental practices and may appear a little bit strange at first. But you have to trust me on this one. Do exactly as I tell you and remember: the more you participate, the more you get.

I have tested every single technique in this guide and have been teaching them for many years. They are intended to work with the highest level of efficiency, so do exactly what I ask you to do. And I strongly advise you to prepare a noteguide to jot down your notes and great ideas that will strike you unexpectedly.

Don’t treat this guide as merely a guide.

Treat it as full-fledged language course instead. Take it step by step as you would go through a course, allow yourself enough time to learn and apply the principles on your own, and go through it a few times to allow every bit of knowledge to sink in.

This guide is the culmination of years of research, experience, solidification of knowledge and fruit of my labor. There are tons of innovative techniques never revealed before and designed to save an unbelievable amount of your time and your energy. By following the steps I have outlined you will no doubt avoid a lot of needless frustration.

So take advantage of what I have to share. If you can keep up your part of the deal, you can leave everything else to me. I’ll lead you through the door to get to the wonderful world of languages.

There’s a Chinese saying: “spending more time sharpening the axe will save you more time chopping the wood”. I hope you can thoroughly digest the information provided in this guide until you have a truly sharp axe ready to chop the forest of languages.