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How Many Of These Language Problems Are Causing You To Work Harder Than You Should?

Now let me ask you a simple question... How many of the following situations sound familiar?

You just can't pronounce foreign words the same way the native speakers do or you're going crazy wondering how in the world certain sounds can be generated from the mouth

You're shocked to find that you've forgotten almost every word you worked so hard to memorize only 3 days ago, or the words you learned just yesterday now appear greek to you... only, you're NOT learning Greek

It's a nightmare trying to remember foreign grammar rules, and all those cases, conjugations, declensions, subjunctives, adjective agreements, etc. make you wanna scream

You recognize bits and pieces of what a foreigner says to you but you just can't figure out the whole sentences, or you wish there's a pause button on him/her so you can have time to think

You seem to understand almost every word when you read a foreign text but as soon as you piece them together they don't make any sense

You find that the natives speak and write totally differently from the textbooks/CDs you follow, and compared to that, there always seems to be something wrong or unnatural about your own speech and writing.

You frequently feel tongue-tied, can't express your thoughts properly, or as soon as you open your mouth to speak, native speakers stare at you with utter confusion

You don't know which is the best foreign language for you to learn first, or you DON'T know the easiest, quickiest and cheapest way to learn a language

Language learning is becoming harder and harder and you are enjoying it less and less

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, chances are, you're already making a few common mistakes like the vast majority of language learners — mistakes that may be causing you the extra work and added frustration...

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You see, a common trait shared by the most successful language learners is the efficiency with which they learn foreign languages and the fun accompanying that... Most of them, if not all, learn foreign languages differently than you do.

And here's something you have to keep in mind when learning a foreign language:

Effort does NOT necessarily lead to success, even though they're related (i.e. with the same learning system, more efforts most likely results in more knowledge).

Let me ask you a "metaphorical question": Would you climb the stairs to the 24th floor of a building when you can use the elevator? And would you like to "take the elevator" to your language mastery right now?

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It's Not Your Fault!

The majority of language learners make the same language mistakes over and over again without ever realizing it, and you just might be one of them...

It's NOT your fault! Because you were never taught the right way in the first place...

But you gotta know this first: Many people tend to downplay what it takes to master a foreign language, and just in case you still haven't found out yourself...

Learning a foreign language is hard.

And not many people are truly bilingual or multilingual, and those who claim to be so often make you underestimate what's needed to master a foreign language.

The truth is, you will definitely encounter huge difficulties if you didn't grow up in a multi-lingual family or something...

And the following are some "language hurdles" that eventually stop 95% of language learners from achieving proficiency:


#1. Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness itself is not scary, but putting in a lot of effort without getting any results is downright terrifying

Do you know the best way to minimize the impact of your forgetfulness?

Learning language the traditional way is a lot like the proverbial frog climbing out of well. It climbs 3 meters up during the day and slips off 2 meters at night.

At school, teachers tell students to "persevere" — the frog will eventually get out of the well if it keeps climbing. But they never teach you "how to hold on to the wall of the well" better or to "control the rate of slipping off".

Let's come back to this later when we talk about learning foreign vocabularies.


#2. Endless Disruptions To Language Learning

If you've ever complained that you're too busy and don't have enough time to learn language, then you know what I'm talking about.

Every day there seems to be a never-ending array of disturbances to your language learning schedule if you've ever set one, and you think you'll never be able to "devote" 100% of your attention to language learning.

And having a memory like a sieve (where whatever little amount you've just learned constantly gets drained out of your mind) is enough to make anyone feel discouraged and want to give up.

But here’s the thing…

You actually do have time. Lots of it... You just don’t realize it!

You can actually squeeze out a lot of time while waiting in line for bus, train, food, doctor, elevator, etc., and doing routine jobs such as cleaning the dishes, climbing the stairs, jogging...

It may sound simple enough to make use of all these fragments of time, but it's in fact a technique that's usually learned only from experience...

And do you know that dividing your learning time into many small periods is much much more effective than an equal amount of time in one whole chunk?


#3. Ignorance Of The Power Of Accumulation

Here's a pattern you'll find familiar...

A language learner starts off motivated. She takes a heavy workload in the first few days or weeks and studies it for 2 straight hours each day with much enthusiasm. But after a while, her brain becomes saturated and she gets discouraged by the lack of results, so she takes a break or reduces her workload.

When she goes back to learning, she discovers that she's forgotten so many things she "just" learned, and she "realizes" language learning is so very difficult. She gets stressed and starts to view language learning as a chore. Then she develops fear and takes longer and more frequent breaks. Before long, she decides learning language is not for her, and quits.

How many times have you heard such stories? Or experienced them yourself? I know I have, back when I first started out...

But here's something you gotta keep in mind:

Learning a foreign language every day for 10 minutes only is so much more effective than learning it for hours in one shot...

And often you'll find yourself wanting more after just 10 minutes of studying, once the "language-learning-momentum" is built.

Don't ever underestimate the power of accumulation.


#4. Fear And Dread Due To Frustration

So you find yourself getting more and more frustrated while learning a foreign language... And it results in arguably the single most dreadful obstacle of language learning — procrastination.

It may sound like a small issue since people talk about it so often, but only you know how it really feels.

Procrastination... what a monster.

You might think all you'll need to do is to "bite the bullet", sit down and learn... Yet it doesn't quite happen that way because you keep putting it off. In a way, you were incapable of doing it.

And the more often this process is repeated, the harder it gets... Why? In technical terms, you've already "anchored" yourself to that negative feeling. In other words, you've already "conditioned" yourself NOT to take immediate actions when it comes to learning a foreign language.


What If Everything You Know About
Learning Languages Is Dead Wrong?

Here's a surprise for you...

The "language hurdles" I mentioned above are NOT the real problems, because it's only natural to encounter them.

The real problem, however, is that most people are dealing with them the wrong way without even realizing it.


Because the methods drilled into us back in school were most of the time totally wrong! And most people still firmly believe in traditional language education and refuse to change their mindsets or open up to more possibilities. They stubbornly toil through their language courses the way they had been doing unsuccessfully for so many years and end up quitting time and time again.

But what if everything you know about learning a foreign language is dead wrong?

Back to the "stair vs. elevator" metaphor...

When learning a foreign language in school, most people are led by teachers to "climb up the stairs". (Some are faster than the others.) And when people start learning languages on their own, they take for granted that the stairs are the only way and immediately run towards it.

Few have ever considered the possibility of "elevators". (Even fewer have ever located them.)

Let me show you where the "elevators" are!

Over the years I've observed countless common language learning misconceptions which later developed into "mental limitations" such as "Oh I can't do this" or "That's just too hard for me"... but many of those "mental limitations" are no more than the result of years of subconscious social conditioning, i.e. We have been conditioned to think that what we see and hear every day is normal and we are easily influenced by the signals and suggestions we pick up from others.

When others tell you about the problems they face (without realizing they are learning the wrong way), you start to believe them too.

The truth is, learning a new language is only as difficult as you think it is. If you are going to start learning a new language while believing that it is difficult, then every problem you encounter is going to be magnified to further feed your belief. But if you start by thinking that it is going to be easy, nothing is going to stand in your way of mastering the language.

So before you learn a new language, you've got to debunk all the myths surrounding language learning. You'll also have to get rid of all the reasons that are lurking in your mind telling you to quit learning the language...

Now let me share with you just a few aspects of language learning that traditional language education didn't teach you...


#1. Sound: What Really Impresses People

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about learning foreign languages is this: They must know half of the words in the dictionary and all the rules in the grammar book before they can be considered good.

It's not only discouraging but also completely misleading to beginners.

The fact is, you don't need a bunch of lofty words delivered with faultless grammar even if you're just trying to impress someone.

Let me ask you this: how many times were you pleasantly surprised by a foreigner who used words in your language that you yourself seldom use? Hardly ever, right? In fact, have you ever noticed a foreigner who didn't fumble over their grammar now and then?

Now think about the last time you spoke to a foreigner who could really speak your language well (I'm sure you have), what were you impressed by? Was it her usage of power words? Or her perfect grammar? Hardly!

You were probably impressed the moment she opened her mouth... because she sounded just like you and your people!

Often, what fetches genuine compliments and appreciation for linguistic accomplishments is your ability to sound like a native speaker.

On the other hand, I've seen so many language learners who, after working so hard on their vocabulary and grammar, can't even make themselves understood due to incorrect pronunciations or heavy accents, and solving this problem would require more effort than if they were to start all over again.

Although they might have a huge vocabulary and speak with flawless grammar, they'd still appear as beginners. (And it becomes a lot worse when they try to talk about a subject they're deeply passionate about and seem to go out of breath at any time).

And now here's the tricky part that 99% of language learners don't know:

Different languages are spoken with different parts of the mouth and most often with different muscle group. For example, the German language uses mostly the front part of the mouth, while in Hindi people make use of the back of the mouth... If you imagine a "focal point" within the mouth, "German sounds" come from a little bit behind the teeth whereas "Hindi sounds" come from just in front of the throat.

If you have difficulty identifying the "focal point" of a language, here's a secret for you:

Don't listen to how the native speakers pronounce their languages, listen to how they pronounce your language (especially if they have a typical foreign accent).

You will then be able to tell which part of their mouths they use because it’s much easier to identify this when you are dealing with your own mother tongue.

Then, do your best to imitate their accent by speaking (your native language) with the same part of the mouth or muscle group they use. Once you're able to do that, switch to the foreign language you're learning and you'll find yourself sounding a lot more "native".


#2. Vocabulary: "How To Waste Your Time"

The following graph is called "The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve". It indicates the rate at which human beings forget new information.

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

As you can see, we forget almost 70% of what we learn within 24 hours. (But there are simple techniques you can apply to minimize this effect, and I'm going to show you exactly how.)

Now here's the more "interesting" part... According to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, the first 1 hour is when you forget information the most rapidly. (In fact, you’ll forget more than half of what you've learned within just 1 hour!) Therefore, you should always review new words (or pronunciation, grammar rules, etc.) within 20 minutes.

Not many language learners do that.

The truth is, reviewing what you have learned within a short time is an excellent investment of your time and is much more effective than later reviews.

If you don't review within a short time frame, or worse still, review only after a few days, you'll find yourself with almost a "clean slate" and end up wasting a lot more time re-learning what you have already learned and forgotten.

You’d then start fretting over your “poor memory” and after this happens a few more times, you’d be ready to quit.

I've seen that enough times already.

What's more, the Ebbinghaus Studies have also found that a stable long-term memory is established only after an average of 7 repetitions. That means you need to review a word 5 to 9 times before you can effectively retain it in memory.

Let's say on day 1 you learned 20 words. They should be reviewed twice again on the same day, once more on the second day, once more in a week, once more in two weeks, and again in a month.


#3. Grammar: No More Tables Please

Are you afraid of communicating in a foreign language because you make frequent grammar mistakes?

I guarantee you're neither the first one nor the last.

Oh, you wanna start speaking only when you're "ready"?

You probably never will.

But here's something you might not know... It actually doesn't matter whether you're "ready" or not. Most native speakers you communicate with don't care or don't even pay conscious attention to your grammar.

It probably makes a difference during language proficiency tests, but it doesn't matter that much in real life.

And the secret of learning grammar is: instead of learning it "linearly" (i.e. subject-verb agreement, tense A, followed by tense B, and then cases, etc.), you should learn it "cyclically" (i.e. learn everything all in one go but for many times).

This way, you'll know what's going on when you're reading and listening and can improve incrementally through repeated revision...

Do you remember being instructed to memorize countless formidable grammar tables back in school? Have you ever wondered how on earth you could ever pick out the correct ones during an actual conversation?

If you answered "Yes", you’re not alone.

The fact is, grammars are created in order that we can forget them eventually. If you know the reasons why certain grammar rules are enforced in the first place, you'll know how to follow them naturally without excruciating memorization.

For example, in a German sentence the adjective must match the gender of the noun it precedes. Since there are altogether 3 genders, 4 cases, definite articles vs. no definite article, and indefinite article vs. no indefinite article, there seems to be 3 x 4 x 2 + 3 x 4 x 2= 48 different scenarios... but it's really not that complicated.

If the (in)definite article is present, the adjective simply takes the ending -en, with Nominative Singular + feminine and neutral Accusative (3 scenarios) as exceptions (the ending is then –e/es). But if the (in)definite article is absent, then the adjective plays the role of the (in)definite article and follows it's ending, with exceptions being the masculine and neutral Genitve (2 scenarios), with –en as the ending.

Those are a total of 3 + 2 = 5 scenarios only. If you know rules like that then you no longer have to memorize the 3 formidable 4x 4 grammar tables governing adjective ending changes.


The 4 Basic Abilities Of Languages

#1. Listening

Have you ever found yourself at a loss when talking to real people even though you could understand the tapes/CDs from your language course?

You can go to the bookstore today and pick up a language book teaching foreigners your mother tongue, and most likely you'll find the text quite different from the daily conversations you're used to, and some of them might even baffle you.

It's the same with what you're learning from your own foreign language materials.

And we're not even talking about the influence of different accents, cultures, and age group slangs...

In order to reach a proficiency level where you can understand real life conversations, you have to listen to how native speakers talk among themselves. If you can't find many native speakers of your target language in your environment, listen to the radio or watch a video broadcast online (e.g. simply google "[your target language] online TV").


#2. Reading

You probably already know that in order to understand a text you don't have to know every word. Just the keywords will give you a good idea in most cases.

But let's say you do understand every word of a text. It's still not a guarantee you'll be able to process a foreign text quickly and correctly.

I've seen plenty of language learners having hard time piecing information together... Even when they already possess a considerably large vocabulary, they still have to read the sentence several times before grasping its meaning.

Let's do a little experiment, shall we?

Take any of the above sentences you just read and read it slowly word after word. That is, read by the unit of words and concentrate on only a single word, one after another...

You'll soon find yourself losing your train of thought.

The fact is, we don't read by unit of words. We read sentence by sentence.

And the same thing applies to reading in foreign languages. Language learners are often overly careful by reading slowly. Ironically, that's an important reason for low comprehension rate. Next time you read a foreign text, read a whole sentence or clause at once and you'll find yourself at ease with discerning the sentence structure as well as its meaning.


#3. Writing

Here's how you would practice writing in a foreign language at school:

You write an article on a given topic and hand it in to the teacher for review or correction. The next day you get it back from the teacher with comments, suggestions and "red crosses" here and there. Sometimes, you see so many mistakes that you get headaches by just looking at them. You then look through your mistakes and hope you don't make them again.

And that's it.

Let me tell you something: this traditional way of practicing your writing lets most of your effort go to waste.

You can get so much more out of it by simply rewriting it two more times or, better still, by asking a native speaker to put your ideas into her own words and then compare her version to yours.

It may seem like a lot work, but if you do this just 5 times, I guarantee that you'll see a lot more improvement that will startle your teachers and friends.


#4. Speaking

Often, it is easier to understand an idea conveyed in a foreign language than to articulate that same idea using that language


Because being able to translate a foreign word into your language is one thing, but translating the same word in your language into that foreign language is another.

The former is called "passive vocabulary" that you can recognize, and the latter is called "active vocabulary" that you'll not only recognize but also use as part of your frequent vocabulary. Your passive vocabulary is most likely much larger than your active vocabulary.

There are words which you sometimes struggle hard to recall but just cannot, but when they're presented to you, you'd smack your forehead and say, "Yeah, why didn't I recall it just now!"

Those words are part of your passive vocabulary but not your active vocabulary.

I call them "one-way" vocabulary. They're useful when you're reading or listening but don't do you much good when writing or speaking. (I'll teach you in detail how to turn them into your "two-way" vocabulary in my book.)

But don’t go away with the idea that a "two-way" vocabulary means translating words from your mother tongue directly into your target foreign language.

Have you ever met any foreigner who spoke your language in a weird way but for a moment you just couldn't tell what was wrong? She seemed to speak with correct grammar but it just felt unnatural because you as a native speaker instinctively knew that "people don't speak like that".

That's a direct result of shortage of exposure to real life language. The foreigner is most likely performing direct translation in his head, which is why her choice of words and sentence structures don't sound very "normal". Be aware of that when you're speaking in your target foreign language.


My Years Of Investment And
Experience Are Yours Risk-Free

I have helped many, many people with learning new languages, and they include many who once thought they were incapable of learning foreign languages.

And as a passionate language learner myself, I've spent thousands of dollars on almost every language solution in the market from books to software, CDs to DVDs, flashcards to vocabulary lists (and I've also gotten valuable feedback on language products from the students I've taught)... I've also tested countless language schedules, tools, learning methods...

Now, after years of trial and error, I've finally established a complete step-by-step system that is guaranteed to demonstrate to you all the shortcuts of language learning. You’ll improve at a rate you never thought possible and with much less stress and hard work.

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Ultimate Language Secrets

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What You Can Expect From
The "Ultimate Language Secrets"

Some people move from course to course but just can't seem to find "the one course" that exactly suits their needs. It won't be the case with "Ultimate Language Secrets".

Here are just a few of its unique qualities:

It has no BS, no nonsense. The "Ultimate Language Secrets" is filled with techniques you won't find elsewhere and I won't waste your time by distracting you with loads of stories and anecdotes. Some authors love beating the dead horse for 20 pages on end, but you won't waste a single minute of your time learning the "Ultimate Language Secrets".

It's super time-saving. By using the "Ultimate Language Secrets", you'll save hundreds or even thousands of hours in learning foreign languages by cutting corners and taking shortcuts. Tedious tasks like memorizing vocabulary will take a lot less time as you'll discover how to learn faster, remember better and cut down your revision time.

It's empowering. The "Ultimate Language Secrets" will take you by the hand past the initial hurdles of learning languages and quickly get you up to speed, so that you'll be able to rely on yourself to learn any foreign language quickly, easily, inexpensively and shock your friends, teachers and relatives with your amazing learning speed.

It's fun. “Interest is the best teacher” is so true. When you have a strong interest in learning languages, you won't feel it's something you have to do. Instead, you'll want to do it because of the fun it brings you. The system you're about to learn is fun and easy to implement, and some techniques will definitely make you smile. It's a great way to stay motivated and it also makes your learning material a lot more memorable.

It's no-hassle. Don't waste hours and hours trying to memorize difficult words. I'll teach you some powerful memory tricks that will work like magic; Don't spend tons of money buying different course packs. With the help of the "Ultimate Language Secrets", you can pick up a language from "everyday learning materials" like newspapers and the Internet... All you need to do is to follow through step by step and leave the rest to me.

It's 100% scientific and proven. I have tested every single secret, trick and technique in this book myself and have been teaching them for many years, so I know they work. Do exactly what I ask you to do and you'll get the maximum benefits out of it. And I strongly advise you to have a notebook beside you to jot down notes and inspirations while reading the "Ultimate Language Secrets".

It's practical. Every technique offered in the "Ultimate Language Secrets" is explained in utmost simplicity and is immediately applicable. The system is designed for application in the real world as opposed to entertainment or mere theories... It'll fully involve you in the entire language learning process.

It works for anyone. You don't have to be a linguist to make the "Ultimate Language Secrets" work for you. It's for anyone who wants to to master one or several foreign languages in the shortest time possible, regardless of the target language(s). And it's also for people who have difficulties with language learning strategies or face specific obstacles such as trouble memorizing new words, inability to pronounce foreign words correctly, lack of communication skills, and so on.

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"Alright Owen, What Exactly Am I Going To Get?"

Here are just some of the powerful techniques you'll learn in "Ultimate Language Secrets":

The Right Language Learning Mentality

2 things you must know even before you begin to learn a new language

How to pick the exactly right language for yourself so you don’t waste tons of your time trying to pursue the wrong language targets

5 overlooked elements you have to take into account when setting your language goals in order to match them to your schedule, energy, pace, and specific needs

A little-known yet powerful technique that instantly sets you apart from other language learners

How fast you can you really expect yourself to learn a new language while keeping your feet on the ground and aiming for your maximum potential.

The very reason why so many language learners quit half way and how you can avoid making the same mistakes

What you can learn from Star Wars to ensure your success in learning any foreign language

How to overcome your own “language bottleneck” so that you can make continual and consistent progress, instead of getting stranded at a language level where you don’t seem to make any progress despite of a great deal of effort

Captivating learning methods that’ll keep you engrossed and inject sheer joy into your language learning experience

3 powerful psychological techniques of how to keep yourself motivated and never tired of learning languages

Ultimate Language Secrets Core System

How to set the right schedule to make sure you achieve the language goals you’ve set for yourself

How to uncover and make full use of the hidden periods of time in your busy schedule to learn your new language

One simple technique that will help you constantly progress when learning a new language

How to immerse yourself in the right language environment so that you learn double the amount in half the time

A secret technique top language learners use to gain the same benefits of learning languages in foreign countries without ever traveling there

The missing link between aggressive language learning and long-term memory retention

A simple technique that will make a world of difference between you and other language learners

The myth about learning many language simultaneously and an arsenal of tricks to tackle the task of effectively learning more than one language at the same time

A shocking secret of "conning" natives into thinking you are one of them, and feel completely at ease

How to dramatically increase your memory retention and speed up your learning process so that you can cut down on 80% of your language learning efforts while doubling or tripling your language learning performance

What kind of materials you must read in order to maximize your language learning results

How to make use of media resources the right way to enhance your language learning performance

What the “Information Age” really means for you as a language learner

How to supercharge your language learning performance by learning from real people the right way so that you don’t sound like a walking text book when you visit a foreign country

How to build a personal language database to track and improve your language learning process

How to get the most of the language learning tools that are freely available to you

How to develop an unshakable inner confidence when speaking in your new language so that you appear to have been speaking the language for years and years

"...Very Practical"

"Hi Owen, My name is Peter Yiannaki and I lived in Switzerland with my wife. We moved here from the States a little more than a year ago.

Naturally, we had to become proficient in German and I aimed for fluency in 3 years or less. Although my wife and I already took some lessons in German, we were far from being able to clearly express ourselves in German.

Fortunately, with your ultimate language secrets, I've accomplished that in a less than a year, all thanks to your book! It is very practical and contain a great number of previous advice that I never read about in the many other language books I bought before.

It's easy to follow and particularly suitable for my wife since it's even easier for the two of us to 'build a language environment', as you taught in your book."

-- Peter Yiannaki, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Critical Language Components


How to instantly impress the native speakers with flawless pronunciation, intonation and accents

What really characterizes the sound of a language and what you must do to ensure you sound like a native speaker

What 99% of the language learners don’t realize when it comes to the sound of a foreign language

What you must know about stress and tones of a particular foreign language

The astonishing trick that will help you sound exactly like a native and make embarrassing speech mistakes a story of the past

What is the rhythm of a language and how you can use this information to quickly sound like a native speaker

The closely-guarded secret of how to sound like a native speaker that no one else will teach you

"...Your Book Far Exceeded My Expectations!"

"I planned to move to Beijing next year and already started learning in January, right before I discovered your book. I knew that Chinese is notorious for being a tonal language and the pronunciation is extremely hard according to my friends who lived in China before. So I bought a Pinyin guide and your book since it claimed to make learning the sound of a language a lot easier.

Both the Chinese language and your book far exceeded my expectations!

The language is even harder than I thought! At first I couldn't even tell apart the 4 standard tones. (I'm glad they don't speak Cantonese -- which comes with 9 tones -- in Beijing.) Fortunately, using the techniques you taught on learning the sound of a foreign language as well as finding some "language partners" as you suggested, I can now discern the different tones clearly as well as pronouncing sounds which are particularly confusing to me at first, such as "ch", "zh", "z", "c", and so on.

And because of what you shared on the additional factors to pay attention to, I didn't make the same mistakes most language learner make. I understood the rhythm, intrinsic sound, as well as the muscle group in pronouncing Chinese. My Chinese friend even said I have a good Beijing accent (which is kind of funny because I never consciously learned it -- but I guess I should attribute that to your method of learning from language partners).

With my current progress, I can even consider moving there earlier. I can even learn a few dialects at the same time, a task I never thought as possible before.

Thanks so much for teaching the wonderful ultimate language secrets!"

-- Stuart Pickering, Appleton, WI


How you can shock others with a sudden surge of your vocabulary by learning the easiest words for you first

What you absolutely have to know about foreign words in addition to their spellings

How to deal with regular and irregular words so that they are no longer a hassle

The fundamental principle of photographic memory that will turn you into a walking dictionary

A 10-second routine you must go through every time you commit a new foreign word to long-term memory

The #1 rule you absolutely have to follow if you want to make your memory of the foreign words last twice as long

How to use different “mental colors” to help you remember foreign words faster and longer

Fool-proof techniques that are guaranteed to add spice to your vocabulary learning so you'll never get bored of learning more foreign words

How to “fake it till you make it” when it comes to expanding your vocabulary size

What is the “pegging system” and how to use it to take advantage of a human psychological effect we’re all prone to

A technique you unconsciously learned in kindergarten that can make a huge difference in learning foreign vocabulary for you

The jealously-guarded secret mnemonic technique of using sex to memorize foreign words  faster and retain them in your memory longer

How to do revision the right way so you don’t waste your valuable time

What you can learn from the “Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve” and how to schedule your revision to maximize your learning effort

How to build your own personalized “Word Bank” and use it as a sharp weapon to conquer your own forgetfulness

What “two-way” vocabulary is and how it makes a world of difference between language experts and beginners

How to perform a proper “Word Analysis” and slash your foreign vocabulary learning curve

How to memorize foreign idioms easily and quickly

A frequent mistakes that almost all language learners make while memorizing foreign vocabulary

"It Worked Like Magic!"

"Having read Ultimate Language Secrets is one of the best things that have ever happened to me!

I used to be this language freak who would jump on any foreign language and that was more than 2 years ago. I stopped coz I found I'd quickly forget much I learned. I got discouraged and never really recovered from it.

I read the Ultimate Language Secret last Thursday and it rekindled my passion for learning languages! I spent the last weekend picking up Greek again, which I learned it about 3 years ago.

I discovered that I've forgotten so many words, so I started applying your amazing vocabulary retention system. It worked like magic! Oh man you're a genius!! I think I my retention as of today -- 5 days later -- is 100% (I'm following the schedule you recommended)."

-- Michael Kenny, Dublin, Ireland


Arguably the best way to learn grammar rules of any language that you probably have never heard of

A powerful technique you can use to skip memorizing the “grammar tables” of conjugation, tense, declension, subjunctive, etc.

How to take the shortcuts of grammar learning and leave those mind-boggling grammar books "behind you"

How to learn the “exceptions” of grammar rules quickly and effectively

"It Has Become A Lot Easier"

"My family moved to Finland a year ago and since then I've learning Finnish on and off. I didn't even want to set time for learning because most young people here speak good English, plus we're moving out of Finland next year.

I couldn't believe that I've been puzzled by the Finnish grammar for so long! Don't get me wrong I still think it's one of the hardest language in human history (The grammar especially is just brutal!) but now it has become a lot easier for me."

-- George Meadors, Hauppauge, NY

4 Basic Language Abilities

The 4 levels of language proficiency and how to master each one of them at an astounding speed

An important characteristic of top language learners that can make a drastic difference in learning results in a short time

What kind of foreign texts you should read to maximize your learning effort

Tough reading problems that language learners frequently encounter and how to solve them the right way

The 5 golden rules you must follow in order to absorb the information in foreign language materials more effectively

Tested-and-proven methods to hone your writing skills so you can write clearly, naturally and impressively in the foreign language

A clear “plan of attack” on how to improve your writing drastically

How to write with originality “from scratch” in the foreign language

An accidentally discovered secret of how to dramatically improve your writing quality so you can write like a native speaker with absolute ease that will surprise yourself

A simple yet effective technique that can instantly increase your comprehension rate

A simple trick that any beginner can immediately use to enhance the quality of communication in the foreign language

A critical concept most language learners ignore that causes slow comprehension speed and unnatural speech

How to sound more “native” with just a small tweak in the way you speak that can be done in 5 minutes

The “Magic Words” that only native speakers use but you don’t yet

An amazing method to build self-confidence as well as conversation skills in your target language

How to know what to talk about in your target language and never lose the interest of your listener

The real reason why children can learn languages fast and how you can accelerate your learning just by using 3 quick “copycat” techniques

How to instantly overcome any fear, frustration or embarrassment when learning to speak a new language

What you must know about taking a break from language learning

And much, much more...

"Your Tips On How To Find Listening Materials And Attune My Ears To The Foreign Sound Are Invaluable To Me!"

"Before reading the ultimate language secrets, I was quite frustrated over the lack of language learning materials (also because I'm learning Indonesian). Your book pointed me a way of this.

Now I realize there are so many possibilities of training myself using free resources which can be even more effective than all the learning materials I bought from the bookstore!

Your tips on how to find listening materials and attune my ears to the foreign sound are invaluable to me! In just 4 months I feel I can already understand the news broadcasted in Indonesian."

-- Shanice Jackson, Fremont, CA

"It's Getting More And
   More Fun For Me!"

"To tell you the truth, I never liked learning foreign languages. I had no choice but to take a foreign language course at school last term, so I took Spanish as I heard it's easy. It might be the case, but I suck at learning languages, and I almost always fail the tests.

Naturally, I became even more unconfident at learning languages and I just want to get it over with quickly, which is actually the reason I bought the Ultimate Language Secrets in the first place. I thought it at least save me the hassle of memorizing all the vocabulary and grammar rules.

I was wrong. The Ultimate Language Secrets didn't just do that. In a way, it transformed me completely. Two weeks after I read "the most important thing" in one of the first chapters and applied just 3 techniques mentioned in the chapter on reading foreign text, I had no problem understanding everything in my Spanish curriculum! And soon I discovered I could understand about 80% of the content of the Spanish news websites. (I couldn't understand a single paragraph before that!)

All I can say is that the secrets you share on reading and listening on learning foreign languages. Although I still have difficulties expressing myself, I can pretty much understand day-to-day Spanish in both spoken and written form. I'm pretty sure I've reached the 2nd proficiency level you've outlined in the book.

Perhaps because I started "far behind others", the effect was very obvious. I started getting high scores on all my tests and my teacher even asked me to share my experience. (I haven't told anyone else in my class about this "Secret Weapon" yet -- I guess I wouldn't tell anyone before the exam!)

Thank you so much for saving me out of my desperation of learning Spanish. Who knows, I might even consider learning another foreign language in the future, since it's getting more and more fun for me!"

-- Rex Ian G. Sayson, Makati, Philippines

"Unbelievably Effective"

"I'm a big fan of Japanese Anime and Manga and I started learning Japanese about 9 months ago. The first 3 months was extremely tough and I had to take lessons from a Japanese tutor who is a student at my university so it didn't cost that much.

I was having a lot of trouble probably because Japanese sentence structure is so different from that of English. At one time, I almost gave up and wanted to just rely on subtitles and guessing work.

Luckily I read your book Ultimate Language Secrets. It taught me so many things I didn't know and would never figure out on my own! I really wish I had come across it earlier and I would have paid anything to learn the powerful secrets you've taught me.

As soon as I started to apply the techniques in the book, I saw visible improvements. My tutor said my speed of improvement is "just shocking". I no longer take frequent lesson from her because 1. she has to devote most of her time working on her thesis and 2. I don't think I need a tutor anymore!

I've been following your advice on improving writing ability as detailed in your book and have already made good friends with 3 language partners online.

I can already post in the Anime forum in quite complicated Japanese. The other day someone just asked me which city in Japan I lived in -- he had no idea I'm from Canada! It felt so good and I think my effort has started to pay off! I'll continue following your unbelievably effective language secrets! Thank you so much!"

-- Giovanni Thode, Oranjestad, Aruba

"So Much Faster Than I Ever Thought Possible"

"The Ultimate Language Secrets is simply F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!

I've bought many language learning products and I can safely say this is by far the best of them! This book is filled with absolutely valuable advice and every single tip is worth a ton of time and energy for a newbie.

I've just used a small portion of all the secrets shared in your book and the results are U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E! Now I'm able to learn new foreign words and phrases much faster and remember them much longer. And I can already speak French fluently which is an enormous improvement from 3 months ago, when I can hardly hold a French conversation. And I can already converse in basic Italian which I just picked up a month ago!

I especially find your tips on how to speak any language fluently in the shortest time possible very effective. It saved me a great deal of time and the best part is that sentences (with correct grammar!) just naturally come to my mind ever since I started to apply the techniques in the chapter on speaking.

Thank you so much for helping me learn foreign languages so much faster than I ever thought possible!"

-- Amy Campbell, Mountain View, CA


Just Take A Moment To Realize This...

In just days from now, depending on how quickly you digest the information in the "Ultimate Language Secrets", you will get rid of all your language learning headaches and start to acquire any language at an astounding rate that will shock everyone around you.

You will...

Speak any foreign language you choose with flawless pronunciation that makes the natives refuse to believe you're a foreigner

Acquire a large vocabulary in a short time that shocks your peers and teachers

Easily remember and apply even the most complicated grammar rules

Quickly immerse in the native culture and understand what people are talking about as if it's your mother tongue, even if they speak with an accent

Boost comprehension rate as well as reading speed when reading a foreign text and soon you'll forget the difference between reading in a foreign language and in your mother tongue

Write with perfect grammar, word usage, and genuine language style that will fool the natives into thinking you're one of them

Talk just like the native speakers and communicate with them effortlessly just like you're talking to your closest friends

"You've Helped Me Realize Learning Foreign Languages Is But A Piece Of Cake!"

"As a sophomore majoring in European Studies, I was a required to take up at least a foreign language course, and I chose French basically because it's easier to bid (my uni has this bidding system in place in case there are more students than the quota for a particular course).

Anyway, I was prepared to work hard and indeed did so for the first half of the semester. Even then, I thought I'd never get a score above B+ -- Until I read your book "Ultimate Language Secrets".

I got so much out of this book I can't even list them down here. Within a week, all those language points which appeared exceedingly complex to me suddenly (so it seemed) made sense to me. I'd say the best method I got out of the book is the part where you taught me how to build a native language environment without traveling to that country.

Long story short, I started getting scores above 90 for every small tests after that and I got an A- at the end of the semester -- I didn't get A because my first half semester sucked, but I'll definitely get A for the next sem :)

Owen I just wanna tell you that how lucky I feel having read your book. You've helped me realize learning foreign languages is but a piece of cake! I'll definitely recommend your book to my friends and classmates.

Thank you so much!!"

-- Evelyn Tan, Singapore


"So, Owen, Is This Going To Be Really Expensive?"

You may be surprised but the "Ultimate Language Secrets" is far less expensive than many popular courses and software packages out there, such as Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, and so on, which can easily cost you $300 to $1000.

What about taking foreign language lessons in your city? Even if there are classes (either public or private) for every language, the hourly fee is typically between $5 - $50. And if you've ever taken private language lessons before, you'll know that a few hundred dollars can only get you started...

The normal price of the "Ultimate Language Secrets" is $99.97 and now you can get it for only $39.95... But here's the "catch":

You see, I've only recently released the much-awaited "Ultimate Language Secrets" after such a long time of fine-tuning and perfecting it, so I've only included here a few testimonials from my students and several new customers... My goal is to put 50 good testimonials on this page from my new readers before raising the price to the normal $99.97.

So here's the deal:

If you promise to send me a testimonial (only if you find the "Ultimate Language Secrets" useful and worth your investment, of course) on how you've improved any aspect of language learning such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing, speaking, etc., you can get it now for only $39.95, before I've gathered enough testimonials.


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"This Book Has Paid Me Back Many Times Already"

"What I learned from the Ultimate Language Secrets is priceless! After struggling to learn German, French and Spanish for so many years, it all becomes so simple and effortless.

I'm shocked at my own speed of improvement. The amount of language materials which would previously take me a whole week to digest now only take 2 days. This book has paid me back many times already."

-- Tom Loftin, Austin, TX

"...Less Than What 3 Private Lessons Would Have Cost"

"I chose the Ultimate Language Secrets after reviewing other options that are mostly suited for learning a particular language. What I'm interested is how to learn multiple foreign languages in a short time without compromising the learn qualities.

I downloaded the book for less than what 3 private lessons would have cost and was extremely impressed. I think the Ultimate Language Secrets should be sold a lot more expensive! :)"

-- Frank Wende, Lehrte, Germany


And If You Order Now, You Can Also Get
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Bonus 1 - Language Inspection
($27 Value)

Language Inspection

"Which language should I learn first?" "Which language is the easiest to learn?" "Which language is the best for me to learn?"... Such are the questions that almost every language learner is bound to ask.

This "Language Inspection" guide details each major language's difficulty (referencing English speakers), popularity, speaker number, countries where it is spoken, detailed analysis, and so on, and it will allow you to objectively examine major languages in the world and make an educated decision when it comes to picking the right language for yourself to learn.


Bonus 2 - Beyond Languages
($19.97 Value)

Beyond Languages

In "Beyond Languages", you'll discover:

3 important things you must know about the country where your target language is spoken

What is the best way to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the country

How dialect groups affect every language learner and the 3 things you must know about dialects

How to get across the “dialect barrier” when you’re communicating with a foreigner

What you must know about the “living quality” of any foreign language and how to avoid speaking like a textbook or like someone who just jumped out of the time machine

2 things you need to know about how the different professions and their related jargons and how they affect your language learning

What you should know about the relationship between the different social classes and your target language

How to use non-verbal cues to help you communicate better with people from different cultural background

What you must pay attention to when you are meeting the natives speakers

What’s the reputation of a foreign language and how you can use this piece of information to become more “native”

Why are certain words “untranslatable” and what you must know about the foreign words that have no equivalents in your own language

How to develop a genuine native accent by recognizing the “intrinsic sounds” of a particular foreign language

An important characteristic of all foreign languages and what you need to know in order to avoid silly and costly mistakes


Bonus 3 - Exploring Language Families
($17 Value)

"Exploring Language Families" will give you a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the different language families as well as the intricacies within the same language family.

It'll allow you to gain deeper insights into the structure of language families and more linguistic abilities to better appreciate the languages you learn as well as to prioritize your language learning efforts accordingly.

Exploring Language Families


Bonus 4 - Basic Foreign Phrases
($19.97 Value)

The cornerstone of major languages such as Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and so on.

Basic Foreign Phrases


Bonus 5 - Ultimate Language Links
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Everything you need to explore online language resources.

Ultimate Language Links


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Teaching you everything I know about learning foreign languages through email.

Email Coaching


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You'll also receive FREE lifetime product updates on all the above items.

As I add even more sections and features to the book, you can update your copy (along with the bonus) absolutely free of charge for as long as you own it, no matter what its future price is increased to.

Life-Time Updates


Learning Foreign Languages
Will Never Be The Same Again

I really wish I could have had a chance to read the "Ultimate Language Secret" when I started out... I would have paid thousands of dollars to save the same amount of time and effort it does...

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If you don't order this book now, chances are, you'll keep learning a foreign language the same way you used to. Even if you could figure out your own tricks and techniques, you'll end up spending more time than necessary, while this book is already presenting you the shortcuts to foreign language mastery.

I personally guarantee that you've never seen or heard anything like the "Ultimate Language Secrets", and you'll be pleased to have order it and start learning all the amazing language learning techniques in just minutes from now.

"All I Had To Do Is To Follow Your Instructions Step By Step"

"I used to have this belief that learning a foreign language is one of the hardest things on earth. Now I realize how wrong I was!

By using your comprehensive system on sound, vocabulary, grammar and the 4 abilities, I've made enormous improvement in 3 languages I'm learning simultaneously, namely Dutch, German and Spanish.

The best part is, I feel totally at ease when applying your techniques to learn those languages. Every language point appear so simple to me now. I'm enjoying myself as opposed to being forced to sit down and work hard. And your advice is clear and so easy to follow.

You've figured out almost everything for me so all I had to do is to follow your instructions step by step."

-- Marcus Wilson, Longmont, CO

"Excellent And Require Very Little Effort"

"All those powerful ultimate language secrets are very organized and easy to follow and find it especially suitable for me or anyone who has a packed schedule (I'm a full-time salesperson and have little time for language learning). I find your system excellent and require very little effort while extremely easy to remember.

I've been applying just some of the stuff from the book since I picked up French 4 months ago and I can already communicate with a lot my friends here who speak French."

-- Tiffany Rouge, Quebec, Canada


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"I Really Appreciate The One-Stop One-Email Simple Refund Process"

"Hi Owen I just checked and I've got the refund. I really appreciate the one-stop one-email simple refund process. Although you didn't ask and I didn't include any reason for refund in my previous e-mail, let me just tell you that the only reason I decided to get my money back is because my plan to travel to Korea is canceled.

Originally I plan to pick up some Korean before going there and now it's just unnecessary. Plus I've only tried 2 tricks from the first half of the book (and I only read the first half), on learning the sound of any language and they are indeed surprisingly effective. I never even considered what you said about the vocal variety and all.

I don't even think anyone else is teaching this but as I said I still would like a refund. Thanks for your understanding making it so easy. I'll recommend to my friends if any of them want to learn another language for sure."

-- Eva Dwelly, Portland, OR


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"I can't recommend the ultimate language secrets enough! Whoever missed out this great book don't have a clue how much they have missed and how much more time and effort they're going to waste. Having read your book and already benefiting from it in such a short time is one of the best things that ever happened to me!"

-- o.j.berg***

"Many of my classmates asked me how I could improve so dramatically in the past 4 weeks, and I just told them to get the Ultimate Language Secrets. They're indeed the ULTIMATE language secrets!"

-- almangr***

"My daughter and I benefited tremendously from the Ultimate Language Secrets. It has carefully covered all aspects of learning languages, I can't think of a better program for the same purpose!"

-- amou***


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